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How Can FastPay Help?


FastPay offers a Facilities Management service that collects Direct Debits on behalf of your business or organisation.

FastPay helps its client’s access the power of Direct Debit without the formidable expense and time required to set up their own Direct Debit scheme.

With our competitive pricing, processing Direct Debits through FastPay is cheaper than almost any other banking method.

FastPay has achieved a sterling reputation with its sponsoring bank and will sort out all the formalities on your behalf. We will assign a personalised SUN (Service User Number) to your company which will identify you to your customers when they view their bank statements.

We will process all your collections on the date of your choosing with minimum involvement from your end. We will inform you of any bounced or cancelled Direct Debits as soon as they occur. We even offer a service to write to your customers with regard to any irregularities or changes to their payment schedule, including bounces and cancellations.

Bounced payments can be automatically recharged and cancelled Direct Debits can be reinstated without any involvement from you.

So just put your feet up and let FastPay do all the work, whilst you watch your bank balance magically increase.

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Why FastPay?

  • Bank Statements

    YOUR name on your customers’ bank statements

  • Bank Approval

    No Bank Approval Required

  • BACS Reports

    All BACS reports are FREE

  • Loyalty

    Increased customer loyalty

  • Fees

    NO monthly or annual fees

  • Setup

    24 Hour Setup

  • Cashflow

    Improved cashflow

  • Contract

    No minimum contract period

  • Support

    FREE phone and email support

  • Security

    No personal guarantee required

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