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Who We Are and What We Do


FastPay helps you access the power of Direct Debit without the formidable expense and time required to set up your own scheme and without the need for your banks approval.

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FastPay offers a Facilities Management (FM) and Bacs Commercial Bureau service that collects Direct Debits on behalf of your business or organisation. FastPay has achieved a sterling reputation with both its sponsoring bank and BACS and will efficiently arrange all the relevant formalities on your behalf. With our FM service we will assign a personalised SUN (Service User Number) to your company which will identify you to your customers when they view their bank statements.

We will process your collections on the date of your choosing with minimum involvement from your end. We will always keep you informed of any bounced or cancelled Direct Debits as soon as they occur. Bounced payments can be automatically recharged and cancelled Direct Debits can be reinstated. We also offer a service to write to your customers with regard to any bounces, cancellations, changes to their payment schedule and advance notice letters.

All you have to do is complete our one-page application form and email, post or fax it to us. The setup procedure takes no more than 24 hours! Once set up, we will open a client trust account for you and you are then ready to start signing up and collecting from your payers immediately.

With a flat fee per collection, FastPay is cheaper than almost any other collection method, and also offers substantial volume discounts.

With our Commercial Bureau service, Direct Debits collected from your payers will be credited directly to your company bank account and Direct Credits will be processed directly from your bank account straight to your suppliers or employees bank accounts.  Please see our Commercial Bureau page for further details of our Bacs Approved Bureau Services.


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