Fastpay has partnered with Quickbooks to help businesses get paid on time, every time via the power of Direct Debit.

This new integration means that Quickbooks users can offer Direct Debit as a payment option safe in the knowledge that all their collections are taken care of by the skilful FastPay team. No more chasing payments; no more lost admin time – it’s time to say yes to predictable cash flow.

How Fastpay and Quickbooks work together

How FastPay and Quickbooks Works Together

If you already use Quickbooks accounting software, nominating FastPay to handle Direct Debit collections on your behalf could not be easier thanks to our latest integration.

From within your Quickbooks account dashboard you can choose which Quickbooks invoices you want to collect via Direct Debit at a click of a button and simply leave the rest to us. All paperwork is branded in your company details and it is your company name that will appear on customers bank statements.

What’s more, FastPay’s feature rich Quickbooks integration allows you to automatically submit your invoices and view all Direct Debit mandates at a glance, in real time. This is seamless integration; this is integrated Direct Debit.

FastPay and Quickbooks

FastPay’s Managing Director, Henry Kornbluth said: “At Fastpay, we are always looking to improve our service offering.

“The Quickbooks integration is an exciting step that joins with our powerful Direct Debit integrations for Sage, Xero as well as our own custom API.

“Our goal at FastPay is to save businesses time, money and hassle by taking care of Direct Debits on their behalf. We take care of your payment collections so that you can get back to what you do best.”

Cash flow simplified with FastPay

Ready to take control of your cash flow?

Call 0161 737 5290 to speak with a member of the Fastpay team. Alternatively, you can request more information about our services by completing our simple online form.

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