Cyber Essentials Certified
FastPay is Now Cyber Essentials Certified

At FastPay, we are a BACS-approved bureau with all payments covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. FastPay understands the importance of robust cyber security while managing your company’s payments. As part of FastPay’s ongoing security strategy, the team is pleased […]

Key Tax Year Dates for Small Business 2021/22
Key Tax Year Dates for Small Business 2021/22

The UK 2021/22 tax year is upon us and small businesses need to be aware of upcoming important tax dates. No need to panic, at FastPay we want to help get you up to speed – giving you one less […]

Best Business Bank Accounts
Your Guide to the Best Business Bank Accounts

As a small business owner, knowing which bank suits your company best isn’t always easy. You could be a new business owner or a well-established one looking to change who you bank with. At FastPay, we have taken the time […]

FastPay Laptop
2021 Small Business Grants to Apply For Right Now

It’s no secret that businesses are suffering right now, especially smaller businesses and recent startups. There’s plenty of help out there in the form of loans, relief, tax breaks and rate freezes and small business grants, which is what we […]

confirmation of payee
What is confirmation of payee?

Confirmation of Payee (COP) is a system where the details of an individual or organisation that is being paid, “the payee”, can be confirmed so that the payer can ensure that they are sending payments to the correct recipient as […]

What is SFTP, and why is it important when handling financial data?

Businesses who send data in payment files must do so securely in order to ensure that all important cash flow is in optimum health. SFTP helps to do just this and is becoming an increasingly popular tool, favoured by organisations […]

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    Key Tax Year Dates for Small Business 2022/23