Cancelling Direct Debits
Cancelling Direct Debits easily

Keeping on top of your finances is incredibly important, especially in modern times. There are so many subscriptions to keep track of these days, it’s hard to identify which services you are still being billed for but no longer use. […]

Self employed invoice template
Self employed invoice template: your FAQs answered

For many self employed individuals, establishing a reliable cash flow is pivotal to making their small business work. As a result, mastering the art of invoicing is not just good to know, it’s business critical. To help you invoice like […]

Understanding Gross Profit
Understanding Gross Profit [infographic]

Calculating gross profit, or gross income as it is also known, is essential to understand a company’s financial health. Gross profit margin indicates what percentage of funds are available after the cost of goods have been deducted from revenue. The […]

Bacs Processing Calendar 2021
Bacs Processing Calendar 2021

With 2020 soon to be a distant memory, thoughts are inevitably turning towards how to make the most out of 2021. To help you achieve your new year cash flow goals, we have shared the Bacs processing calendar for 2021 […]

Understanding Financial Projections
Understanding Financial Projections

Established enterprise or startup freelancer? Making sense of financial projections is key to hitting short and long term business goals. Applying for a loan? You need to prepare financial forecasts. Creating a business plan? You’ll definitely need to include financial […]

Quickbooks integration for Direct Debit
Fastpay announces new Quickbooks integration for Direct Debit collections

Fastpay has partnered with Quickbooks to help businesses get paid on time, every time via the power of Direct Debit. This new integration means that Quickbooks users can offer Direct Debit as a payment option safe in the knowledge that […]

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