Get secure, direct access to our processing systems.

The FastPay Direct Debit API helps you unlock the full potential of your business by seamlessly integrating your Direct Debit billing system with our bespoke software.

No need to manually double-key information into two different programmes. No need to worry about possible data entry errors. No need to repeatedly export and send spreadsheets.

You can integrate as much or as little as you like, including adding and amending Direct Debits, reviewing payees and payments, and arranging automatic re-presents.

This powerful functionality means that you and your teams will know exactly what is happening in your accounts in real-time.

Harnessing the logic of Direct Debit, the FastPay API opens up a new world of digital possibilities and will become an invaluable part of your operation.

Integrate with our API

It’s easy to integrate your software with ours. Get in touch to find out more:

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We also offer pre-built integrations, including Our Xero Integration.

Why API?

By incorporating FastPay’s Direct Debit API into your digital strategy, you’ll gain greater control over your Direct Debit processing systems

secure direct debit

Improves Business Procedures

Reduce errors by automating manual processes
secure direct debit

Frees Up Valuable Resources

Increase staff time to focus on growth and development
secure direct debit

Gives Access To Live Client Data

Access your customer payment information instantly and in real time

secure direct debit

Integrates Simply And Easily

Use our simple and concise documentation to ease your integration

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