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Security and Assurances

FastPay operates a dual server backup policy (onsite and offsite) and has a disaster recovery policy and contingency arrangements in place in accordance with Bacs Commercial Bureau regulations.

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Direct Debit is the most secure form of collecting monies for both our clients and their customers and is protected by some of the most stringent rules and regulations in the banking world.

The holding of monies in a Client/Trust Account is one of these requirements and such accounts are protected by the strict legislation that governs client accounts and all such accounts are regularly audited. Furthermore, each client’s monies is held in a separate “virtual” account to prevent cross contamination of any kind.

A failsafe guarantee has been placed with our Sponsoring Bank by means of a legally binding indemnity to act as an additional safeguard for funds received under the Direct Debit Guarantee for both you and your customers.

FastPay is a Bacs Approved Bureau and we are registered and operate within the guidelines of The Data Protection Act. FastPay abides at all times by the Direct Debit Scheme Rules and Regulations and acts in accordance with any applicable governing policies and regulations. We use specialised, bespoke Direct Debit scheduling and communications software, which are of the most up to date in the market place. This means that your Direct Debit run will always comply with the latest legislation.

Our servers are protected by multilayer passwords and the only authorised administrators are the company directors. Any online communication involving customer account information and payment details is protected by operating within a 128 bit encrypted SSL server as required by current UK legislation and banking laws.

In the unlikely event that client data is damaged or lost on either of our servers due to unforeseen events such as fire or theft, the data will be immediately retrievable at the alternative backup location. This provides complete peace of mind and will ensure client confidence in the safekeeping of data and will also eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, any potential downtime delays.

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