Which Direct Debit Solution is right for me?

FastPay offers two Direct Debit solutions: Bureau Service and Managed Service. We make it easy to choose which one is best for you and your business needs.

Powerful integrations

Backed by industry standards

Direct Debit offers:

FastPay's Direct Debit solutions for small businesses

Choose our Bureau Service if:

 You already have, or are planning to get, an SUN from your bank

 You want to be an indirect submitter to reduce costs

 You want to receive your money on the day it’s collected

 You want to make payments using your own SUN

Choose our Managed Service if:

 You are a sole trader, SME, partnership or organisation that wants to collect payments by Direct Debit

 You cannot get an SUN from your bank: we can set one up for you within 24 hours

 You want to use Direct Debit to streamline your payment collection process

 You want to stay in-the-know with our proactive reporting service

Both our Bureau Service and Managed Service include:


Multiple, branded and Bacs-approved sign-up methods

Take your first payment within 24 hours. Whatever your business, get a fully branded service from us

Online: Fully-integrated, professionally-designed and Bacs-approved paperless sign-up pages if you want to accept Direct Debit instructions online.

Phone: Guidance notes and a Bacs-approved script if you prefer to take instructions over the phone.

Paper: Professionally-designed and Bacs-approved paper mandates


Proactive Reporting System

Stay in-the-know: helpful updates on payments and non-payments.

Respond to issues quickly: same day notification of bounced or cancelled Direct Debits.

Swift notification of any issues including cancellations and bounces

Free phone and email support from a team who cares about you and your company


Full database management with reports available on your collections history using your online account or API

FastPay Direct Debit API: seamlessly integrate your Direct Debit billing system with our bespoke software.

FastPay online account: access a comprehensive dashboard to stay in control of your Direct Debits.

Xero integration: incorporate your Xero account into our processing systems to save time and boost efficiency.

Why Choose a FastPay Direct Debit Solution?

All our services are designed to make your life easier every step of the way:

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