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Direct Debit Reviews from FastPay Clients

Our client base comprises hundreds of clients from all sectors of the marketplace. If you would like to find a client of ours in your area or of your type of business, so that you can discuss the implementation of Direct Debit through FastPay, please give us a call today on 0161 737 5290.

The Massage Company recommendation for Fastpay

The Massage Company recommend FastPay for providing a direct debit solution that grows with their business.

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Amazing Support

Since using FastPay our cashflow has improved immensely and we have to spend far less time on credit control. I would STRONGLY recommend them and their service

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Parkfit Ltd

The deciding factor for me in selecting FastPay was their extremely quick and helpful responses. Anyone in business knows that you can’t afford to wait 2 or 3 days for an answer

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Watcombe Childrens Centre Nursery

We have now got about 30% of our clients on Direct Debit, and every month I have the security of knowing that those 30% have paid.

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IP Phone Solutions

Using Direct Debit has improved our business by 300%, we are now in control of all our customers’ payments

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SME IT Solutions Ltd

We wanted to automate our recurring income, choose our payment dates and generally make the procedure easier for both our customers and our business

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UK Telecom Solutions Ltd

FastPay has enabled UK Telecom Solutions to offer a professional Direct Debiting service to our customers. Their attention to detail and professionalism has helped us concentrate on our core business.

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Mardon Group

A good 90% of our rental invoices are paid regularly and within the 30 days credit limit, and new customers with no trading history even pay monthly in advance

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Targeted Media Limited

I would recommend FastPay as an excellent service to boost cash flow, cut down on admin and streamline the collection of client revenues.

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Concept Vehicle Leasing

Direct Debit enables us to collect payment of our regular and monthly invoices quickly, securely and without any time or effort on behalf of our client.

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Time Associates

The key advantage however is that is enables us to deal with our clients about the work we do rather than discussing money and this massively improves the business relationship.

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Wigan St Patricks Amateur Rugby League Club

Not everyone was paying membership fees resulting in a loss of important revenue and it was complicated for the Team Managers to manage

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The Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers

The ability to spread costs for our members is important and therefore Direct Debit seemed like a sensible solution.

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WGS Clinical Services Ltd

I now strongly recommend that all of my new clients pay by Direct Debit, you can't beat guaranteed payments and for the money Fast Pay charge its worth every penny for my business.

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With FastPay we have the control

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Real Time Reception

Prior to FastPay our customers paid us when they remembered or wanted to

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Median Accountancy & Taxation Services Limited

Within three months I had about 90% of my clients signed up and was collecting a similar % of my fees up each month.

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