Paper or Paperless Direct Debit?

With FastPay, you can go paper or paperless. It’s your choice: you’re in control.

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There are two ways of getting your customers to sign up to pay you by Direct Debit: filling in a paper mandate or completing a paperless application online or over the phone.

Both do the job and both have benefits. Consider your customer and choose the best fit for your company.


Paper Direct Debit Mandates

Paper mandates are ideal if you interact face-to-face with your customers. They can sign up immediately and you have peace of mind knowing you have the authority to start collecting payments.

Some people prefer not to disclose their personal details online, others simply favour the familiarity of a hand-written signature.

And banks prefer a signed paper mandate in case of any disputes over your authority to take payments. It is recommended that you choose the security of paper if your transactions have a higher than average value or if you like knowing that you have a signature from your customer.

But while paper mandates are helpful in person, they can increase costs and delays because:

You have to post a mandate or the customer has to download and print it

They have to sign and post the mandate

They may forget to do this or change their mind about signing up

You have to manually process and physically store the mandate


Paperless Direct Debit

Paperless is perfect for our 24/7 digital economy. If you have point of sale access to the internet, you can welcome new customers instantly over the phone or through your website.

Many customers want and expect the instant convenience of signing up now and ticking it off their to-do list: Paperless Direct Debit makes this happen.

Going paperless can bring these benefits to your business:

Improved customer satisfaction due to immediate, simple sign-up process

Reduced paperwork, postage and storage costs

24/7 online sign-up brings new customers to you at very little cost

Payments can be taken earlier than via a paper mandate, boosting cashflow

Electronic validation of bank details reduces errors and admin time


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