Direct Credit payments

FastPay makes it easy to pay wages, salaries and supplier invoices.

Powerful integrations

Backed by industry standards

Our Direct Credit service is a simple, secure and reliable way to make payments.

Available as part of our Bureau Service, funds can be transferred directly to your payees’ bank or building society account quickly, cheaply and reliably.

Bacs Direct Credit is the perfect solution for payroll companies and anyone else wishing to make payments with their own Service User Number.

With over 150,000 organisations using Direct Credit, it’s the most popular way of paying wages and salaries to members of staff: 90% of the workforce is paid this way.

It’s also the most cost-effective solution for pensions, employee expenses, insurance settlements, dividends and refunds.


Benefits for your customers

Cleared funds

Direct Credit payments arrive instantly as cleared funds. Unlike cheques, the money can be used straightaway and immediately starts earning interest.


Direct Credit payments are made straight into accounts, cutting out the need to bank cash or cheques. Effortless, hassle-free and time-saving.

Safe and secure

Direct Credit payments cannot be lost, stolen or delayed in the post. Money arrives automatically on the day it’s expected.


Direct Credit payments are automated with no chance of them being overlooked or delayed.


Benefits for your business

Time-efficient with low admin costs

Direct Credit payments can be created and authorised simply and cheaply. No need to spend time preparing and checking bulk payments.

Improved cashflow

Direct Credit payments leave your account on dates specified by you. You have full control over your cashflow.

Direct cost savings

Direct Credit payments eliminate the costs of stationery and postage required when using cheques.

Reduced reconciliation

Direct Credit generates a single debit from your account on a specified date. No need to track individual payments.

Better payment terms

Negotiate more favourable payment terms by paying more efficiently.

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