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FastPay Ltd
Grosvenor House, Agecroft Enterprise Park Agecroft Road, Manchester, M27 8UW
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Bureau Service FAQs

How do I open an account with FastPay?
It is easy as 1-2-3. You can download our one-page application form from the downloads page on our website and, once completed, fax or email a copy to us. We will respond with a short BACS questionnaire about your business activities and as soon as we have the answer to those question we will commence processing your application.
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Why don't banks want to provide a Direct Debiting service to us?
For a bank to provide you with a Direct Debit Service with your own SUN, they would have to sponsor you to BACS and indemnify them against any collections that may later be reclaimed if your customers take advantage using the Direct Debit Guarantee. This means that if you are unable to make the repayment your bank would have to do so on your behalf. That means the bank is at risk when providing such services.
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How long does it take to activate my account once I have applied?
We aim to achieve setup in 24 hours from start to finish. As soon as setup is complete you can start collecting from your customers without any further delay.
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What is the Direct Debit Guarantee?
Direct Debit puts you in a very powerful position, whereby you can theoretically collect monies from anyone’s account with or without their authorisation. Accordingly, there must be some protection for the payer. The Direct Debit guarantee allows the payer to reclaim any monies collected by Direct Debit from their account without their express permission.
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Can I set up Direct Debits via the phone or from our website?
Yes. This is achieved through our Paperless Service. Please speak to us about this service and how to implement it on your website.
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How secure is the service?
We subscribe to the Data Protection Act, and in addition we must adhere to the rigorous security procedures as laid down by BACS and our sponsoring bank.
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