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customer benefits of direct debit

Eight Customer Benefits

  • Peace of mind

They know that their bills are being paid automatically: they will never miss a payment or receive late payment penalties.

  • Convenience

They can leave behind the hassle of posting a cheque or calling to pay by card. Switching to Direct Debit from cheques can save them up to seven hours a year.

  • Security

They are reassured that Direct Debit is the most secure form of payment available and that fraud is highly unlikely.

  • Easy Budgeting

They can prioritise your payment within their budgeting.

  • Flexibility

They have a choice of payment dates and can change these at any time.

  • Trust

They know that the Direct Debit Guarantee protects them with a comprehensive range of safeguards.

  • Popularity

They are paying alongside 80% of the UK adult population who have at least one Direct Debit.

  • Control

They can fully control their finances and predict their cashflow: Direct Debit offers options not found in alternative payment choices such as standing orders.

business benefits of direct debit

Eight Business Benefits

  • Improved Cashflow

You know exactly when cleared funds will be in your bank account, unlike other payment methods which could arrive at any time.

  • Save Time and Money

Your accounts department will spend less time sending reminders and chasing unpaid invoices.

  • Streamline Your Banking

You will be notified of payments and non-payments with our pro-active reporting system, ensuring you are always in the know.

  • Re-present Bounces

You can keep your business running smoothly as re-presenting an unpaid Direct Debit has a 90% success rate.

  • Improved Security

You and your customers are protected by built-in safeguards with the Direct Debit Guarantee vastly reducing the risk of fraud.

  • Flexible Collection Dates

With Direct Debit you have the flexibility to collect on any banking day that you choose.

  • Clear Arrears

You can offer your customers the option to spread the cost of their payments.

  • Go Paperless

You can say goodbye to piles of paper cluttering up your office by switching to Direct Debit.

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