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Collecting payments via Direct Debit is a sensible move for many businesses. Saving time, saving on admin and improving cash flow are just some of the benefits that companies can harness when they outsource Direct Debit, as part of their collections mix.

But when it comes to choosing a Direct Debit provider, how do you know that you are getting the best value? With so many Direct Debit solutions available, which service will work best for your business needs?

Here, we have put together 5 key questions to ask when choosing a Direct Debit service provider. We want to help your business find the solution it needs and deserves.

What costs are involved?

what costs direct debit

Are all costs clearly detailed and transparent? Some Direct Debit bureaus charge extra for services such as reporting. If you are not careful, you can quickly see your monthly bill increase.
Similarly, it is worth investigating whether your fees are likely to increase after a set introductory period or if there is recourse to do this within your contract. No-one likes an unexpected price hike.

As one of the UK’s best Direct Debit providers, FastPay Ltd is committed to straightforward, affordable pricing. With no monthly or annual fees on our Managed service and Direct Debit Bureau pay as go plans, we can get you set up and start collecting payments within 24 hours. All from as little as 3p per transaction. This can work out considerably cheaper than becoming a direct submitter with your bank or managing your payments in-house.

What’s more, with FastPay you are always in control – our plans are flexible to your business needs with no minimum contract length.

What if payments fail?

If a payment fails how will you know? Many providers will not automatically notify you that a collection has been missed, or the reason why. This can create a business headache as without a proactive management system in place it could be days, weeks or even longer before you are made aware of an issue. And we all know that in business, time IS money. FastPay will notify you if a collection has bounced as and when it happens.

How will Direct Debit integrate with existing systems?

Direct Debit Integration

The last thing any business wants is disruption, especially when it comes to collecting those vital fees, subscriptions and recurring payments.

Ask your prospective Direct Debit service provider how their software will integrate with your current systems and workflows. Do they have integrations for popular accountancy programmes such as Sage and Xero? Can they offer you an API to work with your billing software?

Not all Direct Debit services are able to offer full integrations leading to delays in getting your data synced up.

What will my customers think?

A key consideration for businesses when choosing a Direct Debit service for their cash flow is how will their clients and customers know that it is you collecting the payment.

The term “fully branded solution” is often used by many providers but this may not always be the case. Ask your preferred Bacs Direct Debit service what name will be shown on your customers bank statements. If your customers will see anything else other than your name on the statement, then it’s not fully branded. Not only can this look unprofessional to your payers, it can lead to cancelled payments.

FastPay is proud to offer an end-to-end fully branded service across our Managed Service and Direct Debit Bureau solution. Your business name will appear alongside your collections on your customers’ bank statements and you will receive professionally written Bacs-approved letters on your letterhead for any necessary correspondence.

What support is available?

Does your collection service have a dedicated UK support team? Can you reach them by phone?

No one appreciates being given a support ticket or email address when they want a speedy resolution. Furthermore, some providers do not deal with customer service in house, preferring instead to outsource this function to a third party.

At FastPay, we firmly believe that exceptional customer service should come as standard. That’s why our knowledgeable and friendly team offer free lifetime support via phone and email. You will always know who you are talking to as we work together to support your business.

FastPay: The Direct Debit solution for businesses across the UK

Not all Direct Debit providers are created equal.

At FastPay, our ethos is simple: we do it all so you don’t have to. Offering both Facilities Management and Commercial Bureau Direct Debit Services to businesses, we take care of your payments, ensuring that you are paid on time, every time.

We pride ourselves on our professional, personal and punctual service and are there to help you every step of the way:

    • – 24 hour set up
    • – Personalised, branded service
    • – Transparent, flexible pricing
    • – Proactive reporting
    • – Seamless integrations
    – UK based, in-house support team

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