Direct Debit for a Private Healthcare Business

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Google “Direct Debit bureau” and you’ll be spoilt for choice. With each one broadcasting the benefits they can bring to your business, how do you choose between them all?

As a private healthcare business, you want the best fit for your company to keep it in peak condition.

So, when comparing providers, it’s wise to consider the following:

  • Trading history, credentials and reputation
  • Initial advice about which service is right for you
  • Approach to customer service
  • Set-up fees and ongoing costs
  • How quickly you can be up and running
  • Level of ongoing technical support
  • Reporting process
  • Software integrations
  • Professional documentation

Here we explore how partnering with FastPay and embracing the power of Direct Debit can keep your private healthcare business as fit as a fiddle.

We Are Reputable

we are reputable

Incorporated in 2008, FastPay have solid credentials and a robust reputation within the banking industry. As a Bacs-approved bureau and Accredited Facilities Management Provider with extensive experience in arranging Direct Debit schemes, you can be assured that you’ll have a professional partner on board.

Based in the north-west, FastPay’s clients include a range of organisations from sole traders to SMEs, partnerships to charities and global corporations. Every client gets the same individually-tailored, secure service.

Our experience and expertise make us the first choice for clients including high street banks, national newspapers, the NHS, energy companies and Premier League football clubs.

We Are Experts

If you’re unfamiliar with how Direct Debit works, FastPay can offer friendly advice to answer all your burning questions

We live and breathe Direct Debit. Our expert team know all the technical ins and outs, all the benefits your business and customers will enjoy and which of our two services will suit your needs best.

Whether you choose our Managed Service or Bureau Service, you can rest assured that FastPay will take care of your Direct Debit management while you and your staff focus on developing your business.

We Are Efficient

Setting up a Direct Debit scheme with FastPay won’t involve endless paperwork and weeks of waiting around to get going.

Fast and easy set-up, including a straightforward one-page application form, means you’ll be up and running in just 24 hours.

And if you’re signing up to our Managed Service, you won’t even need approval from your bank, speeding up the process still further.

Once you’re on board, all you need to do is ask your clients to complete a Direct Debit Instruction and you’ll soon be enjoying the most reliable, secure and hassle-free way to accept recurring payments.

Your private healthcare business can rely on FastPay to process all your collections efficiently with minimum input from you and your busy team.

We Are Affordable

Outsourcing regular payment collection to a Direct Debit bureau is a cost-effective option that will bring a host of benefits: stable cashflow, reduced admin time and improved customer satisfaction to name just three.

It’s an affordable alternative to both managing a scheme in-house (if you have your own service user number) or relying on unpredictable cash, cheques and card payments.

The former comes with significant set-up costs and the ongoing expense of training and software updates. The latter steals time and resources that could be better spent on building your business and customer loyalty.

With no monthly or annual fees, zero hidden costs and a transparent structure, FastPay can keep prices competitively low without compromising service quality.

Set-up fees for the Managed Service start at £175 with costs per transaction starting at just 10p. If you use the Bureau Service, prices are as low as 3p per transaction depending on the volume processed.

And there’ll be no extra time-consuming reconciliation work: fees are charged separately as a total rather than by individual collection.

We Are Accessible

With FastPay, you’ll enjoy a truly personal service. When you contact us, you’ll speak to a dedicated expert based at our head office, not in a call centre.

You’ll have free unlimited phone and email support from specialists who care about you and your company. You’ll experience exceptional customer service, tailormade to flexibly meet your unique business needs.

With over 50% of new clients referred to us by our existing happy customers, we’re confident that we’re building beneficial partnerships.

We Are Transparent

As a trusted Direct Debit partner, we’re committed to communicating clearly with all our clients.

You’ll receive regular reports about the status of your account, as well as 24/7 access to a real-time online overview of all activity.

FastPay will also swiftly notify you of any issues including cancelled instructions and failed payments. These rarely happen but when they do you’ll be in a position to take immediate action. This will safeguard your cashflow and arm you with the correct information to professionally resolve the problem with your client.

Bounced payments can be automatically recharged, cancelled Direct Debits can be reinstated with minimum hassle and you can concentrate on running your private healthcare business.

We Are Tech-Savvy

cloud technology

If you’d rather focus on growing your business than completing endless spreadsheets, joining FastPay can give your payment system a complete digital makeover.

Our cloud software can be seamlessly integrated with your billing system to streamline workflows and drastically reduce accounting admin hours.

Our dedicated Direct Debit API will open up a new world of digital possibilities. You can also connect your Xero account to our processing systems to make reconciling your Direct Debit payments a breeze.

We Are Professional

We know that the way you collect payments will dictate the health of your cashflow, the happiness of your customers and the amount of time you spend crunching numbers.

We also know how important your brand is to your business.

Our fully-branded service means that your clients will see your company name on their bank statements, as well as your business name and logo on their Direct Debit mandate and invoices.

The alternative is to use an unbranded scheme which only shows the name of your bureau on all paperwork and online correspondence. There’ll be no sign of your own brand name or logo: an impersonal approach that could jeopardise both customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Instead, choose FastPay and your customers will know exactly who they’re paying and not give the transaction a second thought. They’ll be reassured that your business is professional, personal and wants to make their life easier.

Sign up with FastPay and you’ll team up with flexible, informed professionals who make every step of your Direct Debit journey easy.

It’s an effortless process which gives you the reassurance that your Direct Debits are in order, the confidence that your cashflow is under control and the knowledge that your customers are highly satisfied with your payment system.

Your business will be the very picture of health.

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