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When you sign up to a new supplier, reassurance that what you see on a website and hear on a phone call is what you’ll get is vital.

And if their specialist service isn’t one you’ve used before, it’s even more important that you feel confident taking the plunge.

So if you’re thinking of using Direct Debit for the first time, we’re sharing insight from businesses just like yours who are already enjoying its flexibility, reliability and simplicity.

Read on to discover how choosing FastPay will give you the peace of mind that you’ve made the very best decision for your business and your customers.

Direct Debit vs the Alternatives

direct debit vs alternativesCollecting regular payments doesn’t have to be a headache. You’re probably already aware that Standing Orders are inflexible, credit card payments require time-consuming admin work, and cash and cheques are increasingly unreliable.

Our client Jennifer Spencer, director at Real Time Reception, once shared your payment woes: “Prior to FastPay our customers paid us when they remembered or wanted to. We spent an inordinate amount of time sending reminders and watching our bank account.

“Some would pay immediately but it soon became clear that there were some late payers and some never payers, some paid by internet, some by cheque in the post. It was impossible to plan or budget as we really never knew what monies were available to us.”

Jamie Claret, director at Amazing Support, had to deal with the same issue: “We run an IT support business and historically had relied on Standing Orders. These were a pain as when the amount changed (or the VAT rate changed) we had to get them to submit new forms to their own banks, which of course never happened.”

The medicine to soothe this headache is Direct Debit, as Rachel Piper, PA to the managing director at SME IT Solutions discovered.

“Before we introduced a Direct Debit scheme to our recurring service customers, customers were paying by Standing Order, BACS, cheque or online bank transfer,” she said.

“Very often we would have to chase payment for small invoices which was both costly and time consuming. We wanted to automate our recurring income, choose our payment dates and generally make the procedure easier for both our customers and our business. Using Direct Debit with FastPay has helped us to move towards this.”

Fast, Easy Set-Up

fast and easy setupSetting up a Direct Debit scheme isn’t complicated. Like our client Gail Harrison, director at outdoor gym company Parkfit, you might feel overwhelmed at the prospect, especially when juggling all the other balls in your business.

“Having never set up a business before, there was so much to learn,” she said. “What was fundamental to us was providing an excellent service and collecting clients’ payment efficiently.

“If we could get those two things right, we hoped that everything else would fall into place.”

Gail approached several Direct Debit bureaux who could manage a scheme for her and solve her payment predicament. She chose FastPay and is now using Direct Debit.

Gail said: “What drew me to FastPay was their efficient responses to all my questions and their simple, easy-to-understand collection service.

“Understanding the process was essential. They passed this element of my selection process with flying colours due to the excellent literature they provided and their user-friendly website.

“But the deciding factor for me in selecting them was their extremely quick and helpful responses to all my questions – there were, and have been, quite a few!”

Simply speak to one of FastPay’s friendly experts and they can get you up and running in just 24 hours. You’ll be able to collect cash as soon as your first client signs up.

Julie Jerrum, director at UK Telecoms Solutions Ltd agrees with Gail: “I was expecting a painful, complicated process, but was very pleased to be proved wrong! The set-up was fast and the process was very straightforward. They provided me with simple-to-follow instructions that covered everything I needed to know.”

Personal, Professional Service

professional serviceOnce signed up, you’ll enjoy a professional, friendly relationship with a company that prides itself on exceptional customer service.

Gail from Parkfit is testament to this. Now enjoying all the benefits Direct Debit brings to her fitness business, she describes FastPay’s service as “quite simply impeccable”.

She added: “They’re friendly, efficient and always respond in the quickest time. They take time to explain their procedures and provide you with useful tools to assist you, such as submission calendars letting you know when you need to submit files and when their offices are closed etc.

“In all the time we have worked with FastPay there’s never been a mistake on their part and this means the service we in turn provide to our clients is the very best it can be.”

Damian Walters, founder and chairman of the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI), is also impressed.

“The administrative process required to collect Direct Debits is incredibly easy and FastPay’s reporting and processing has always been seamless and efficient,” he said.

“Offering a Direct Debit facility to our members has proven to be an important ingredient to our success and one we will continue.

“FastPay have never let us down and therefore we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to potential clients.”

Tangible Benefits

tangiable benefitsDirect Debit comes with numerous benefits for both your business and your clients.

Gillian Thomas, company director at Pioneer Publishing is a long-standing FastPay client and once suffered from the unpredictability of accepting subscription payments via multiple methods.

Now, 90% of Pioneer Publishing’s customers are paying by Direct Debit, a dramatic change from their original way of working.

Not only does this mean guaranteed cash flow but the finance team now have less admin hassle, fewer awkward calls to late payers and an online dashboard to efficiently track payments in real time.

And they’re enjoying exceptional customer service which makes their Direct Debit set-up effortless.

Gillian said: “The FastPay team are extremely efficient and supportive. It is very refreshing to receive superb customer service when needed.”

Jennifer at Real Time Reception is also reaping the benefits: “I can’t believe how much Direct Debit has transformed my working day. I rarely need to chase payments now.

“I know what date monies will enter our account and I can budget effectively. I can spend my time and energies more effectively too, keeping customers and staff happy.”

Fees are also predictable – and affordable – as part of the slick, streamlined system.

Julie at UK Telecom Solutions Ltd said: “Over the years that I’ve used FastPay they’ve never made a mistake and all charges have been exactly as they promised.

“I upload one file each month with the information required and the rest happens like clockwork. FastPay’s attention to detail and professionalism has helped us concentrate on our core business and build a successful company.”

Now you’ve heard from these happy Direct Debit devotees, what’s stopping you from using Direct Debit?

It’s the most convenient, reliable and secure method for your business to collect regular payments.

FastPay provide businesses with effortless direct debit collection.

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