PSD2 and Open Banking have transformed the way in which customer data is shared. Allowing regulated third party providers to access transaction data, Open Banking paves the way for customers and businesses alike to access new products and services and get a better deal in the process. With transparency at its core, Open Banking can also help to give you a greater understanding of your accounts.

What is Open Banking & Why Does It Matter?

But it doesn’t stop there. Find out exactly what Open Banking is, why it was brought in and how your business stands to benefit from an open approach to banking in our infographic below.


What is Open Banking Infographic

Direct Debit Solutions from FastPay Ltd

FastPay is a Bacs approved Bureau, Bacs Accredited Facilities Management Provider and Bacs affiliate offering Direct Debit solutions to businesses, charities, clubs and organisations across the UK. Our expert team will manage your payment collections professionally and efficiently without the need to pay expensive bank fees. This is your cash flow sorted.

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