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We run an IT Support business and historically had relied on Standing orders. These were a pain as when the amount changed (or the VAT rate changed) we had to get them to submit new SO forms to their own banks, which of course never happened. We had been trying for many years to set up a Direct Debit Service, so that we were in control – we were told that we had to be a very large organisation before they would even look at us.

I spent some time doing research about originators etc and found FastPay.

They are extremely helpful and helped us set up the service a number of years ago. Their staff and documentation has been very helpful at every step of the way

We were up and running very quickly and the system is now really smooth

Since using FastPay our cashflow has improved immensely and we have to spend far less time on credit control. I would STRONGLY recommend them and their direct debit solutions.

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