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The new FastPay website has landed and we are over the moon with the finished result!

Consisting of an array of improvements and additional features, the new FastPay website, designed and developed by The Hatch, is sure to enhance the end-user experience when visiting our site.

Vibrant Colours and Additional Features

The drive behind our new website build was to combat high bounce rates, improve the user journey and to visually enhance the FastPay site. Ensuring the website has the best user experience and has ease of navigation is of paramount importance to us at FastPay.

For our clients or potential clients’ benefit, the FastPay website needs to be the best it can possibly be, which is why a lot of thought and consideration has gone into the redesign and development of the website. From additional icons to new layouts and landing page designs – The Hatch team has managed to breathe life back into the FastPay website.

The use of added imagery and more eye-catching colours, has created a more friendly and bold website, along with concise information to ensure all relevant information is digestible by the reader.

Fastpay features

Good Marketing Momentum

Whilst the visual experience of the website is significantly important, the functionality and marketing value must also be retained and maximised. According to our marketing and design experts at The Hatch, the previous FastPay website was performing very well in terms of rankings and therefore, collectively we knew the importance of transferring this across to the new site.

With this in mind, almost every bit of information you will see and read on the new site is exactly the same as before but with improved functionality and structure, ultimately improving the entire user journey on FastPay.

Set up Your Direct Debit Service via the All New FastPay Website

Explore the Direct Debit services provided by FastPay, from the Direct Debit Bureau service to the Managed Direct Debit service – you’re sure to have one less thing to worry about with regards to your business.

Contact one of our specialist advisors today by calling 0161 1737 5290.

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