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IP Phone Solutions

Here at IP Phone Solutions we decided years ago that we needed to start taking direct debits as we needed control of payments from our customers. We used to take payment via standing orders and credit cards, however using these methods often proved difficult as could not see who had not paid by these methods quickly and no reports are given on them either. So we decided we had to start collecting money by direct debit from our customers.

Then we found FastPay and they offered the best and clearest deal from all of the direct debit houses we had checked, so we selected them as our provider of direct debits.

It was such a breeze to implement direct debits into our business, bearing in mind this was a new service and we had zero idea how to implement it or what the various formats and codes meant.

The team at FastPay made everything so simple and easy for us to understand and implement this product; direct debit has become a key service in our business.

We have been using direct debit collection in our business for some time now and it has proved to be the best solution we could have hoped for and we could not operate our business without it, in fact we don’t how IP Phone Solutions ever survived without it.

Using direct debit has improved our business by 300%, we are now in control of all our customers’ payments and we always recommend our customers who need to improve the way they collect money from their customers to FastPay.

FastPay are not just fast, they are easy to work with, never get anything wrong and are simple to communicate with.

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